Persian Date Picker

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Persian Date Picker This Date picker work with Iranian calendar.

Jalali calendar datepicker, which depends on https://github.com/babakhani/PersianDate

More info at Wikipedia

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npm install persian-datepicker@beta


  <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/persian.datepicker.css"/>
  <script src="js/jquery.js"></script>
  <script src="js/persian.date.js"></script>
  <script src="js/persian.datepicker.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
  $(document).ready(function() {

<input type="text" class="example1" />


name type default description
initialValue boolean true If set true datepicker init with input value date
persianDigit boolean true If true all digit shows as persian digit
viewMode string 'day' Accept day, motnh, year
format string 'LLLL' Default input value formatt string.
formatter function function(unixDate){return unixDate} Format value of input
altField selector false Format value of alt field input
altFieldFormatter selector function(unixDate){return unixDate} Format value of input
minDate unixDate null Format value of input
maxDate unixDate null Format value of input
navigator object Navigator object options
navigator.enabled boolean true Make enable/disable navigator
navigator.text object true
navigator.text.btnNextText string '<'
navigator.text.btnPrevText string '>'
navigator.text.onNext event function (navigator) {} Called when navigator goes to next state
navigator.text.onPrev event function (navigator) {} Called when navigator goes to prev state
navigator.text.onSwitch event function (state) {} Called when navigator switch
toolbox object Toolbox object options.
toolbox.enabled boolean true Enable/Disable toolbox object
toolbox.text object
toolbox.text.btnToday string 'امروز' Today button text
toolbox.onToday event function(toolbox){return unixDate} Event called when today btn clicked
onlyTimePicker (mode) boolean false Must change
onlySelectOnDate boolean true Must change
checkDate function function (unix) { return true; } Validate date access before render
checkMonth function function (month) { return true; } Validate month access before render
checkYear function function (year) { return true; } Validate year access before render
timePicker object
timePicker.enabled boolean false Enable/Disable timePicker object
timePicker.step int 1 Time section step
timePicker.hour object
timePicker.hour.enabled boolean true Enable/Disable hour in timepPcker object
timePicker.hour.step int null Hour section step
timePicker.minute object
timePicker.minute.enabled boolean true Enable/Disable minute in timePicker object
timePicker.minute.step int null Minute section step
timePicker.second object
timePicker.second.enabled boolean true Enable/Disable second in timePicker object
timePicker.second.step int null Second section step
timePicker.meridian object
timePicker.meridian.enabled boolean true Enable/Disable meridian in timePicker object
dayPicker object
dayPicker.enabled boolean true Enable/Disable dayPicker object
dayPicker.titleFormat string 'YYYY MMMM' DayPicker title format string
dayPicker.titleFormatter function function (year, month) {} DayPicker title formatter function
dayPicker.onSelect event function (selectedDayUnix) {} Called when date select
monthPicker object
monthPicker.enabled boolean true Enable/Disable monthPicker object
monthPicker.titleFormat string 'YYYY' MonthPicker title format string
monthPicker.titleFormatter function function (unix) {} MonthPicker title formatter function
monthPicker.onSelect event function (monthIndex) {} Called when month select
yearPicker object
yearPicker.enabled boolean true Enable/Disable yearPicker object
yearPicker.titleFormat string 'YYYY' YearPicker title format string
yearPicker.titleFormatter function function (year) {} YearPicker title formatter function
yearPicker.onSelect event function (year) {} Called when year select
onSelect event function (unixDate) {} Called when datePicker select event fire
onShow event function () {} Called when datePicker show
onHide event function () {} Called when datePicker hide
onToggle event function () {} Called when datePicker toggle
onDestroy event function () {} Called when datePicker destroy
autoClose boolean false If true datePicker close after select date
position string auto position of datepicker element relative to input element, accept auto, [x,y]